Thinking of starting a pop Vinyl collection and not sure where to start or if you are doing it the right way? Well, you are in luck. This post gets to highlight top tips on how to go about collecting pop Vinyls or starting a pop Vinyl collection. 

If you are a lover of all things pop Vinyls chances are you are thinking about having your very own collection. For many, the act of putting up or having a good pop Vinyl collection seems very difficult. This is especially true if you factor in the huge number of pop Vinyls currently available in the market. So is this true? Is it hard to have an ideal pop Vinyl collection that is truly you? Well, the answer to this is no. In fact, it is very simple. The key is simply to do it right.

This in mind, we here at Kollactable Kaos have decided to share with you top tips on how to collect pop Vinyls. Follow these tips when it comes to collecting pop Vinyls and you are sure to end up with an ideal pop Vinyl collection. The best part is, these tips are easy to understand even for beginners who are starting out in collecting pop Vinyls.

What Is A Pop Vinyl?

Before jumping into tips on how to put up a pop Vinyl collection, here is a small brief about pop Vinyls. What is a Pop Vinyl? Well, it’s a styled vinyl collectible figurine. A typical pop Vinyl spots a unique look that comprises of an oversized head. This head can be on springs or firmly glued in place. Pop Vinyls with oversized heads on springs tend to bobble about when shaken.

For this particular reason, these pop Vinyls are called bobbleheads. There are a number of pop-Vinyls on a number of top movies games and even actors. The choice, list, and possibilities with pop Vinyls are endless. Having said that, let’s now turn our attention to tips on how to start a perfect pop Vinyl collection.

Tip #1: Collect Pop Vinyls You Love

The first tip in this list is very simple; you want to make sure that you collect what you love. With pop Vinyls, the first thing you’ll notice when you go out to buy one is that they are very many. This number, as much as it’s a plus, can make the process of collecting pop Vinyls very difficult.

It is for this reason that you should look into collecting pop figures that you love. It can be a pop figure based on a movie character or a game, remember to always collect pop Vinyls based on what you love. If you are putting a pop vinyl collection for someone else, make an attempt to know what they like then make a collection based on that.

Tip #2: Act Fast

Another tip that is equally as important when it comes to having a pop vinyl collection is acting fast. If you’ve been following all things pop figures then you know that they are in and out of stock anytime. Furthermore, Funko (the company that makes pop Vinyls) can release a pop figure and never make it again.

And it’s not just exclusive figures; even simple pop figures can be out of stock very fast. Some pop Vinyls are rare given that only a few of them were made. Keeping this in mind it is always important that you act fast. When you see a pop figure you want to add or have in your collection see to it that you get it before it goes out of stock.

Tip #3: Keep The Boxes

A plus when it comes to collecting pop Vinyls is how collector-friendly they are. You have the option of either showcasing a pop Vinyl on its box or removing it entirely from the box. Even better is the fact that you can do this without causing any harm to the box or the pop Vinyl itself.

If you opt to remove it from its box always remember to keep the box. Store it somewhere where it won’t be damaged because you’ll need it in the future. A plus with storing the boxes is that you can store away old figurines thus creating more room or space for new pop Vinyls.      

Tip #4: Showcasing Your Pop Vinyl Collection

When thinking of collecting pop vinyls it is important to factor in how you are going to showcase your collection. For some, showcasing their collection is not of importance. If this is you (you don’t intend on showcasing your collection) then this is a step you can skip. If you intend on showcasing your pop Vinyl collection then it is important you look into how you’ll do it. Some people choose to showcase their pop figures while in their boxes while others prefer taking them out.

While this is a personal preference, you’ll be limited to what you can do. If you plan on selling or trading your pop figures in the future then leaving them in their box is ideal. Why? Well, a pop figure is more valuable when it’s in a box. And not just any box, it has to be the original box. Something you should also look into is space. In particular, do you have the right spacing to display your pop Vinyl collection? This is particularly important if you plan to have a large collection.             


There you have it, top tips on how to go about putting up a pop Vinyl collection. Like I’d mentioned earlier, collecting pop Vinyls is not that difficult. In fact, it is a very fun activity or hobby to have on the side. If you do it right you are definitely going to enjoy everything that comes with collecting pop Vinyls. Above all else, one thing that I’d like to tell you is just have fun while doing it, don’t stress yourself too much about missing a pop Vinyl(s).

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