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Are you a fan of high-quality model cars? Or you prefer a collection of diecast models cars? If your answer is yes, then you will find this post very useful.

With the price of buying full-sized sports cars going up, owning one is becoming harder by the day. This, as you can tell, makes owning detailed replicas a perfect way of possessing a piece of automotive history. For this to happen, you need just the right collection of car models. Having a collectable diecast, however, has proven to be a challenge for many.

Whether it’s a 1932 ford-3 window seat, a limited edition seat coupe diecast model or a coupe diecast model car, many model car enthusiasts find it hard having the perfect collections model cars. It is with this that we opted to share with you this post on how to collect and maintain car models. It’s our hope that upon reading this post you’ll be able to come up with perfect collections model cars.

Maintenance of Diecast Models

Proper maintenance of diecast models is very important. Unfortunately, many collectors, especially beginners, fail to factor this in with their collection. Maintenance of cast model cars collectables involves a number of things. For starters, storage, as a collector you should store your valued car models at room temperatures. Whether removed from its retail packaging or not, always ensure your collection is kept in a relatively dry environment. Additionally, you should ensure that you dust them from time to time. This helps in preventing them from tarnishing.

There is also a need for using anti-tarnish bags. This, as with keeping them away from dust, helps in ensuring your collection won’t tarnish. You should also consider getting yourself a detailing car maintenance kit. Your kit should include items like applicators, cleaning solutions and wax. Wax is vital as it helps in ensuring your collection remains in excellent condition over years. Simply take the wax and apply on a scale model like the Ford Mustang GT once it’s removed from the box. If you own a window seat coupe diecast you can use spray and compressed air to clean its interiors.

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To Open Or Not To Open Your Model Car

Once you have purchased your vintage entertainment cars for 2018, you’ll be faced with a dilemma; to remove your item from its box or not? The answer to this question totally depends on the reason why you purchased a model car. If you bought your car models with the intent of selling it as its price appreciates, then leave it in its original packaging. If you bought it for your own personal use and pleasure, you can remove it from its package.

It’s good to note however that, some collectors have found a brilliant solution to this issue. What is it you ask? Well, they opt to buy their model cars in two. This way, they can remove one from its original package for their pleasure. The other they can leave in its original package and opt to sell it when the price is right.

Get the Right Display Casing

Also of importance when it comes to biante classic carlectables car models is display casing. As a collector, you need to ensure you have the right display casing for your prized collection. The right display casing for your diecast models should easily allow you to display your collection. A preferred display casing for many collectors is a prefabricated case. With prefabricated cases, collectors are able to perfectly display all your collectables. Furthermore, they come in a variety of sizes sure to suit different size collections. Even better, cleaning prefabricated cases is very simple.

Others car model collectors opt to have their displays custom build to suit their collection perfectly. This sees some collectors seeking out services of professionals while others prefer a DIY project. This option not only gives you more freedom but also allows you to be creative with your display casing.

Start Small (Preferably 1/64 Scale Diecast Models)

If you are starting up as a diecast car collector, it is advised to start with small (case-wise). Typically, diecast model cars tend to range from 1:87 scales to 1:148 scales. If you prefer something big then there is an option of having model cars that range from 1:12 scale to 1:18 scale. It’s good to note, however, that a large scales like a 1/18 diecast are only perfect for established collectors. With diecast models, the key for beginners is to find a scale in between that bests suit you and your collection.

Preferably, beginners should focus on something small. Many beginners in general settle with a 1:64 scale for a number of reasons. For starters, this option is readily available. They don’t have to look around or search endlessly for them. Two, they are not that expensive compared to other formats. Three, they are relatively small. This means that even if you collected as many as possible they won’t be able to cramp your space. Arguably one of the most important reasons yet is that they are easy to sell and trade.

Shop Online For Vintage Car Models

Are you a new collector with eyes set on vintage car models? If you are a beginner set on collecting vintage car models you should shop for them online. A good number of online sites like Kollectable Kaos and eBay offer and feature a vast number of vintage cars. These car models are usually just a click away from being part of your collection. There are also sites that offer model cars at very competitive prices like deal sites.

Simply go online and carry out a search for model vintage cars. You’ll get a ton of leads and suggested searches that will help with your course. It is important however to determine whether the car’s price matches its condition before making payments. Sites like Kollectable Kaos and eBay have this option available.

Buy Them First & Quick

Diecast models cars companies opt to release their products in runs. These runs usually last for a certain period of time. With time production level with these runs tends to diminish as it keeps on going. Of important to note as a collector is that with these runs, the retail supply is usually very high in its initial stage. In due time, these cars tend to disappear on shelves of some of the country’s big retail chains.

Due to a shift in supply and demand, chances are high that prices will increase. This ultimately leads to you having to pay more for your ford-3 window seat coupe or Alfa Romeo. Once a run comes to an end the cars become hard to find making them appreciate more and more quickly. Given this facts, it is important for collectors to purchase their collectables early. Other than saving you a few bucks, shopping for diecast models cars early shields you from any premiums.

In Conclusion

Thinking of joining a rewarding rich community of models car enthusiasts? With a vast number of high-quality car models in store, Kollectable Kaos is perfect for you. With have all the right diecasts and collectables you need to build your collection. If you are in need of assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us using (08) 8262 8234. You can as well email us at