Adding to the fleet Tesla’s already impressive diecast scale models, the American automotive and energy company recently announced the release of its all-electric semi-truck. While people are waiting for Tesla’s new invention, the company has made the diecast model available online. What’s more? It has already gained tremendous popularity among truck lovers. 

The arrival of this Diecast model vehicle is excellent news for fans of Tesla’s green technology motor vehicles.  Tesla’s main aim was to commercialize eco-friendly electric vehicles. The company started with a premium sports car and then moving into more heavy vehicles, including loading trucks and an affordable semi truck. 

Tesla always tries to launch Diecast of their real models for kids and auto vehicle lovers. This gives them a real feel of driving Tesla’s unique inventions.

Are you interested in buying the new Tesla Diecast model truck for your kids?

If so, then the latest Diecast model 3 of semi truck is the gift for kids, especially for boys. Tesla used 3D CAD data to design its miniature parts. This toy truck will make a child more organize and help them in learning important facts about parts of the auto vehicle.

Here’s everything you need to know about Tesla Diecast model truck. Have a look!

  • The Diecast model has a length of 11.5 inches and is 6.75 inches tall. 
  • The weight of this amazing toy truck is 3.3 lbs.
  • Available in silver color with Model S, Model X, and Model 3

Purchasing one of these truck models won’t cost you even 1/24th of the real truck’s price. You can take experience of driving Tesla’s truck just in $250.

Every Tesla Model of the truck for Kids is equipped with high-tech features to recreate the real Tesla experience. The battery of Tesla ride on toy truck will give hours of motoring fun to your little ones. 

All about the Former Diecast Model of Tesla Truck

Tesla released a pickup truck model two years ago and got positive reviews in terms of material, technology, and safety. That pickup truck diecast became very famous among teenagers. The new addition of auto features in it was a reason behind its successive sale.  Not only trucks but also toy cars were launched by the company to give real driving feel to toddlers. 

Therefore, from the history of diecast vehicles of the company, you can trust that its semi-truck model 3 is safe and secure to drive. It is equipped with advanced safety features. It also has view mirrors that help the kid to see the back traffic clearly. Overall it is one of the best toys that you can buy for your loving kids. Order now!

Summing up:

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