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Who’s Who Mystery Box Set Series 1- Blind Box


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DC Direct introduces a new figure line featuring pivotal moments in the history of the DCU! This series of 2.5″ scale micro trading figures features six of the greatest characters in DC Comics: Superman, Batman, The Joker, Shazam!, The Flash and Green Lantern. In addition, bonus parts included with each character can be combined to form a complete mini-Batmobile! Each figure comes in a ‘blind’ mystery box for added collectibility. (Some minor assembly required.)

Each series contains 6 different figures, each single mystery box contains 1 figure and a piece to the mini-Batmobile.

Re-create the exciting cover of Superman #205! Inspired by Jim Lee’s contemporary rendition of the Man of Steel. This story arc introduced brutal new villian Equus, and the intensity of this cover shows why Superman can be feared as well as respected!


Insipred by the art of Carmine Infantino, this micro version recreates the introduction of the Silver Age Flash! Police Scientist Barry Allen was struck by lightning mixed with an array of chemicals that transformed him into the Fastest Man Alive!


When Abin Sur’s spaceship crashes to earth, the dying alien must pass the battery of power to another deserving earthman. Reaching out for “one without fear” the legacy is passed to test pilot Hal Jordan, and the greatest Green Lantern of them all is born!


This scene is pulled from the pages of the classic hardcover book, which includes Shazam & Black Adam’s origin stories! This dramatic rendition of Shazam captures a defining moment in this hero?s history, as Billy Batson is sent out into the world as Shazam for the first time!


Inspired by the art of Batman creator Bob Kane, this classic Batman pose is recreated by DC Direct in three dimensions for the first time! The Caped Crusader can be assembled to take his place as the watchful guardian of Gotham City!


Batman’s most crazed villian is brought to a whole new level of creepiness in this now-famous Hush story arc, featuring art by Jim Lee! The Joker in a Gotham alleyway hunched over the ‘body’ of Batman’s longtime friend is a chilling sight indeed.

Product Code: DST50344


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