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Transformers Prime Cyberverse Optimus Maximus


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Manufacturer: Hasbro
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CYBERVERSE toys bring all the incredible, converting action of TRANSFORMERS robots to the collectible world of action figures! And now you can expand your universe of action with the awesome OPTIMUS MAXIMUS. With incredible action features, two mighty battle modes, and the ability to transport your CYBERVERSE figures (each sold separately) into battle, it’s the ultimate weapon in the CYBERVERSE arsenal!

Expand the universe of CYBERVERSE action! The amazing TRANSFORMERS PRIME CYBERVERSE OPTIMUS MAXIMUS action figure is the ultimate addition to any collection. Flip open the Command Cockpit to insert a Commander Class CYBERVERSE figure (sold separately). Then quickly convert OPTIMUS MAXIMUS from mech combat mode to a rolling battle transport that can carry up to 9 CYBERVERSE figures (each sold separately) into battle against the DECEPTICONS. Activate glowing lights and battle sounds, or launch three missiles as you imagine the epic battle for the fate of the universe!

The ultimate weapon
OPTIMUS MAXIMUS is the ultimate weapon in the AUTOBOT arsenal – a rolling battle station so powerful that some commanders hesitate to deploy it. It carries enough firepower to break the back of even the mightiest DECEPTICON army. Under the command of a skilled pilot like OPTIMUS PRIME, it is an unstoppable force on the battlefield, delivering a squad of elite AUTOBOT fighters to the thickest part of any fight, while devastating all around it with an overwhelming onslaught of firepower. Even MEGATRON has learned to fear OPTIMUS MAXIMUS!
Converts from combat mech to battle transport
The ultra-powerful AUTOBOT vehicle OPTIMUS MAXIMUS converts from a mighty combat mech to a rolling battle transport. It features glowing lights and battle sounds to bring your CYBERVERSE battles to life. OPTIMUS MAXIMUS can carry up to nine CYBERVERSE action figures (each sold separately) into battle. Three launching missiles complete the arsenal of the ultimate AUTOBOT weapon.

Includes Converting OPTIMUS MAXIMUS action figure and instructions.

Features: Electronic lights, Glowing weapons!, Cool sounds, 2 modes, Converts from mech combat mode to a rolling battle transport!, Holds 9 CYBERVERSE figures (each sold separately), Launches three missiles!


Ages 5 and up.


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