The Lord of the Rings – The Tower of Orthanc Environment 7″ Statue


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Standing in the centre of the Ring of Isengard was a great stone tower of polished black. Hewn from a monolith of dark rock centuries ago by the arts long since forgotten, the Tower of Orthanc stood sharp and hard against a field of green trees and soaring snow-capped mountains. In the waning years of the Third Age it was home to the Wizard Saruman, and within its dark chambers he spent his days studying the ways of the enemy, that he might better understand and ultimately defeat him. A Palantír Saruman kept; one of the ancient seeing stones of Númenor. Many long hours the Wizard spent staring into this magical sphere, watching Sauron, believing himself wise and powerful, and resistant to the devices of his foe. Yet in truth Saruman as own pride and folly led him willingly into Sauron as trap, for he became enamoured with the Dark Lord as arts and craved his power.

Through the stone his mind was twisted until he became a vassal of Mordor, and Orthanc, once a place of learning and beauty, was despoiled by Orcs, now a place of dread. Gone were the trees; tinder to feed the fires of industry that burned in pits around the tower, and the plains within the ringed wall were a scorched wasteland of ash where armies drilled and marched in prelude to making war upon those whom Saruman once named friends.


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