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The Lord of the Rings – Gandalf the Grey on Gwaihir – Mini Statue


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Manufacturer: Weta Workshop
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Immortal beings many times the size of ordinary birds of prey, the Great Eagles of the Misty Mountains flew so high that the only the sharp eyes of Elves could discern them in the blue. Invisible and untouchable, their mastery of the sky was unrivalled till Saurons Ringwraiths took to the air upon the backs of fell winged beasts during the War of the Ring. Even the Dragons of old could not match their aerial prowess, and so keen was their sight that they marked even the stirring of a mouse upon the mountainside. Orcs tread openly on the slopes at their peril, and Wargs kept to the deep forests where trees shielded their passing.

In the days of the Third Age the mightiest of the Eagles was Gwaihir the Windlord. Friend to Gandalf the Grey, he bore the Wizard upon his back and more than once flew to his aid when great need called. Gandalf on Gwaihir is brought to you by sculptor Gary Hunt, an accomplished artist who is one of Weta Workshop’s longest-serving crew members, being part of the original Lord of the Rings crew.

Gary has captured this iconic pairing for you in a perfectly sized miniature statue – ideal for your bookshelf or desktop


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