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Royal Family – Queen Elizabeth 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle


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Manufacturer: Winning Moves
Product Code: WINWM00956

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is respected and beloved for so many reasons – from her striking outfits and her love of corgis, to her powerful speeches and expansive family. Now you can relive some of the highlights of this magnificent monarch s reign in this stunning HM Queen Elizabeth II 1000-Piece Montage Puzzle.

With its charming scrapbook theme, you can piece together your own slice of British history thanks to these photographs capturing a variety of moments from throughout HM Queen Elizabeth II’s life. This image would look magnificent when framed on a wall or in a display cabinet, and is guaranteed to provide hours of challenge and many more hours of satisfaction!

This jigsaw features all the corgis, horses, hats and crowns you’d expect, complete with cut-out photograph patterns, staples and tape for the perfect collage effect. With its own distinct brand of charm, class and nostalgia, this puzzle is truly fit for royalty.


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