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Pirates of the Caribbean AWE – Flagship Battlers Black Pearl


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The resourceful Black Pearl defends itself with unmatched speed and a crafty cannonball barrage attack. With real fabric sails, a cannonball arsenal, and highly detailed parts, this cruising vessel takes no prisoners on the ocean of danger.

Flagship Battler Black Pearl is a 65 pieces, fully buildable battleship with electronic sounds and launching cannonballs that place you in the middle of an ocean battle! Create the Black Pearl and fight for control of the seas. Look for a hidden webcode inside toy to unlock information online!
Rebuild and customize your ship with Flagship Battler Flying Dutchman (1070) to create your own battle armada. Feed the cannonballs into the ship masts and fire through launching cannon ports. Hit the panels on the enemy ship to activate battle sounds and to disable your opponents? cannons.

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