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Monopoly – Queen Elizabeth II Edition


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Manufacturer: Winning Moves
Product Code: WM01036

Play the world’s favourite board game like never before, as you take a journey through the life and times of our monarch in HM Queen Elizabeth II Monopoly.

Buy and trade properties representing key moments in Her Majesty’s life and build palaces to increase their value. Start with the birth of HM Queen Elizabeth herself, and collect properties that represent key milestones in the life of Her Royal Highness, building property groups and charging other players rental on spaces you own.

Will you choose to collect all four Royal Residences? Horses and Corgis? Weddings? Take a Chance or Community Chest card and see what fortune and fate have in store for you. Choose from spaces including The Imperial State Crown, the birth of Her Majesty’s Great Grandchildren, and Trooping the Colour.

It’s all to play for in this feel-good, uplifting edition of the fast-dealing property trading game.


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