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Mini Egg Attack – Disney Villain Ursula


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Product Code: MEA007USL
Manufacturer: Beast Kingdom

Beast Kingdom’s Mini Egg Attack series, perfect for display in offices, is proud to present the MEA-007 Disney Villains! We have selected the most despicable of the classic villains and created these statues based on the appearance and charm of the characters as they appear in the official movie. The statues fully capture the look of these cute and fascinating baddies as they appeared when they were causing trouble in the movies. Rediscover your love for these evil but lovable villains!

Her ample figure and plump octopus tentacles are the trademarks of Ursula – the evil sea witch in The Little Mermaid. With a pleased smile, she holds the trident of King Triton, ready to take her place as the Queen of all kingdoms of the sea.

3-4 inch Disney Classics Villains statues
– Capturing the charm and overall appearance of the characters
– Hand-painted with rich colors and fine details


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