Marvel Select – Classic Hawkeye Action Figure


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A Diamond Select Release! Sculpted by Jean St. Jean! The eagle-eyed Avenger Avenger has returned to the Marvel Select line in his classic incarnation, as a fully articulated 7-inch action figure with 16 points of articulation! This comic-based Hawkeye figure includes his bow, multiple arrows (including one with the Wasp perched on it) and a detailed display base featuring the fallen form of Ultron. All are packed in the famous Marvel Select display packaging.

A skilled tactician, Hawkeye possesses superior reflexes and flawless marksmanship. His default weapon is his longbow, accompanied by a quiver of specialized arrows. While a more standard array of arrowheads includes cable lines, and explosive and acid-filled arrowheads, he also utilizes more exotic projectiles including the likes of Adamantium arrows, Vibranium arrows and Pym Particle arrows.


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