Marvel Comics – Nano Metalfigs 20-pack wave 03


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1.65″ | Nano-Marvel | (20-Pack-Wave 3)
99887-Iron Man Figure (MV80)
30140-Superior Venom Figure (MV108)
30141-Carnage Figure (MV109)
30142-Scream Figure (MV110)
30143-Riot Figure (MV111)
30796-Captain Marvel Figure (MV139)
30797-Nova Figure (MV140)
30798-Nick Fury Figure (MV141)
30799-Gray Hulk Figure (MV142)
30800-Okoye Figure (MV143)
30801-Ronin Figure (MV144)
30802-Ms. Marvel Figure (MV145)
30803-Spiderman-Iron Spider Figure (MV146)
30804-Sandman Figure (MV147)
30805-Star Lord Figure (MV148)
30806-Rocket Racoon Figure (MV149)
30807-Nebula Figure (MV150)
30808-Mantis Figure (MV151)
30821-Yondu Figure (MV152)
30822-Adam Warlock Figure (MV153)
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