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Magic the Gathering – Journey into Nyx – Fat Pack


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Journey into Nyx is the epic conclusion of the Theros block and the final steps in the Hero’s Path entertainment experience.

Theros has become a battlefield. The gods have sent their forces against the mortals to punish the hubris of a few. But the mortals have risen up in defiance and the time has come when Magic players will be tested against a god.

Capture this excitement in your store by hosting the final three quests of the block-long Hero’s Path experience and offering Magic players in your community the chance to prove themselves against the might of the gods.

Each pack contains:

9 Journey into Nyx booster packs
1 card box
1 player’s guide
1 80-card land pack
1 learn-to-play insert
1 Spindown life counter
2 deck boxes


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