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LOTR ROTK – Catapult Troll Maquette – Bust

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Limited Edition.
Sideshow and WETA are proud to offer fans a four-part series of Troll busts, reproductions of the actual pre-production maquettes used during the design process for the film ‘Return of the King.’ Artists at WETA created these maquettes under the direction of Richard Taylor, studies of the various trolls that fought for Sauron during the siege of Minas Tirith. These maquettes were used by the artists tasked to determine the final armor design & skin coloration, and served as reference for the digital artists that brought the trolls to life on screen.

Third in the series is one of the monstrous trolls that served to load the devastating catapults used by Sauron’s armies to hurl giant chunks of rock, or worse – the severed heads of fallen Gondorian soldiers.

Artist: Jamie Beswarick and Shaun Bolton

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