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Lord of the Rings – Sauron BST AXN 5″ Action Figure


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Manufacturer: The Loyal Subjects
Product Code: BALOTRSAU/TLS873

The manifest visage of all evil in Middle-earth, Sauron is known by many names to the free peoples of Middle-earth. In the guise of one both fair and wise, he came as a bearer of gifts, magic rings which would prolong the lives of their users and grant certain powers to them. In time however, the true nature of the Dark Lord was revealed when Sauron placed upon his own finger the master Ring, the One Ring of Power to control all others. In the Second Age of Middle-earth Sauron came out to do battle with the allied forces of Men and Elves as a great and undefeatable warrior.

This Sauron BST AXN 5″ collectible figurine has 22 points of articulation, removable / interchangeable hands, plus accessories and collector’s cards. Packaged in a clear window box.


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