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Inuyasha – Sesshomaru as Demon Dog 15cm(6″) Pop! Vinyl Figure (RS) #771


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Manufacturer: Funko
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Inuyasha tells the take of Kagome Higurashi, a 15-year-old schoolgirl from modern-day Tokyo who is transported to the Sengoku period of Japan after falling into a well in her family shrine, where she meets the half dog-demon, Inuyasha. When a monster from that era tries to take the magical Shikon Jewel embodied in Kagome, she inadvertently shatters the Jewel into many pieces that are dispersed across Japan. Inuyasha and Kagome start traveling to recover it before the powerful and evil half spider-demon Naraku finds all the shards.

This Pop! features Sesshomaru in his true form of a giant silver dog with markings similar to the ones he had in his human form.

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