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Fallout – Feral Ghoul Pop! Vinyl Figure #50


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Manufacturer: Funko
Product Code: FUN5854

We know you are excited about the announcement of Fallout 4, so what better way to pass that tedious waiting time than with these new Fallout Pop! Vinyl figures by Funko!

The acclaimed video game series places you in a post-apocalyptic wasteland of what is left of the United States. Years earlier, the world’s petroleum reserves depleted leading to a two hour nuclear war that changed the face of the world into a barren wasteland, alongside creating an unsettling amount of ghouls, monsters and other walking nightmares. Society cowered in Vaults underground for protection for years and years… unaware of what the world had become. What would happen if these vaults were to finally open?

This Feral Ghoul is the result of long term exposure of a human to nuclear fallout. Some ghouls are civil. This one is not. The Feral Ghoul features radiated red skin and a visibly malnourished bone structure, as well as the remnants of a once fashionable pair of pants. It will make a very scary, but well welcomed addition to any Pop! Vinyl collection.


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