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Evolve – Goliath 6″ Super Sized Pop! Vinyl #41


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Manufacturer: Funko
Product Code: FUN5293

With each consumption of wildlife, Goliath the hulking creature evolves into an even more muscular husk growing with power! Fitting with his name, Goliath is able to shift boulders from the ground and toss them long distances, while also leaping dozens of feet in the air and sprinting long distances. Most recognisable by his unique posture, he entails a simian sprinting gate and an enormous spiked tail!

Get started on your Evolve Pop! Vinyl Collection today with this Super Sized Pop! Vinyl version of Goliath! There are 4 more regular sized Evolve Pop! Vinyls to collect including Maggie, Hank, Markov and Val!


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