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Diorama Stage – Marvel Avengers – Iron Spider-Man


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Product Code: DS015
Manufacturer: Beast Kingdom

In time for the 10th anniversary of Marvel Studios, Beast Kingdom releases statue based on retro and classic scenes from Marvel Comics as part of our D-select series of the Exquisite Scenes collection.

The Iron Spider suit, equipped with three spider-arms, appeared in the original Civil War comic, and was created by Tony Stark for Spider-man, in order to increase the battle prowess of his team. The upgraded red-and-yellow armor covers lean and strong muscles. Supported by his spider-arms, Spider-man is poised above the shield of Captain America – the leader of the opposing team. The overall scene design is a complete recreation of the classic picture in the comic. The special paint and exquisite painting technique manage to blend the classic with a technological style, giving your iconic hero a more modern feel.

Stands approximately 15cm tall.


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