Diorama Stage – Marvel Avengers – Iron Man 3 – Iron Mark XLII


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Manufacturer: Beast Kingdom

As part of Beast Kingdoms D-select series of the Exquisite Scenes collection, Beast Kingdom releases figurines based on retro and classic scenes from Marvel Comics, just in time for time for the 10th anniversary of Marvel Studios. DS-016SP Iron Man3Mark 42 recreates the stunning scene from the movie poster for Iron Man3, that showed Iron Man in the middle of a fierce battle. From the exploding Stark mansion in the distance to the aggressive appearance of the battle-damaged Iron Man, the figurines multi-level setting perfectly captures the intense battle atmosphere of the original scene. The exquisite painting technique makes everything even more realistic and dynamic. There is no reason why your static collection cannot be a bit more dynamic!

6-inch (about 16 cm tall) Marvel Heroes Scene Classic Comic Book Version Special metallic paint with fine details


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