Diorama Stage – Jurassic World Dominion Blue & Beta


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Manufacturer: Beast Kingdom
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Jurassic World is ready to take over your screens on last time, with Beast Kingdom also applying its specially trained development team for a one of a kind diorama launch!
The D-Stage, Staging Your Dream collection from Beast Kingdom is ready to roar its way onto a desk near you with the release of the Jurassic World collection of dioramas! Ever since the first Jurassic Park movie from the 90s introduced cinema goers to realistic depictions of dinosaurs, fans have enjoyed exciting stories of survival unlike any other! Now with the final instalment in the series ready to smash into your local cinema, Beast Kingdom is ready to celebrate with fans the awesome series that has defined a generation. So strap on your backpacks and start the journey with the release of two dinosaur dioramas from the latest movie!


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