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Diorama Stage – Disney – Zootopia


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Product Code: DS001
Manufacturer: Beast Kingdom

Beast Kingdom introduces the all new collectible D-Select series, which allows you to put together the Disney diorama of your dreams and recreates classic movie characters and scenes with professional techniques. From the characters expression to details of the scenes, the D-Select series provides collectors with a detailed, exquisite addition to their collection.

When you talk about Zootopia, you will naturally think of a modern city full of animals. Beast Kingdoms DS-001 Zootopia brings the classic Zootopia poster to life! Beast Kingdom skilfully recreates the daily life and special characteristics of popular characters, evoking all your wonderful memories of the movie. The 6-inch figures faithfully recreate the scene where the animals meet on the street. Minute detailing combined with fine painting perfectly translates each detail into 3D. The fine painting brings Nick, Judy, Flash, and Finnick to life in front of your eyes! The special logo tag and special platform design complete the overall feeling of the figure.

6-inch tall, perfectly recreates scenes from the movies Detailed exterior, professionally painted Comes with its own logo tag and special platform


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