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Diorama Stage – Disney – Toy Story Diorama Statue


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After the first wave of D-select diorama series, Beast Kingdom brings its second wave of popular animation dioramas to recreate classic scenes with some of the most popular animated characters!

A cute and funny scene of adventure recreated from Disneys official images of Toy Story. The diorama depicts Woody manoeuvring a remote-control car, with Squeeze Toy Aliens in cool poses and Buzz Lightyear ready to launch into space. The car is enveloped in the smoke that came from a rocket that has just launched. It seems these toys are ready for yet another fun and exciting adventure.

Exquisite details to all figures make for realistic simulation of the diorama, complete with detailed character expressions and postures. Coupled with vibrant painting, the diorama features the perfect integration between the setting and the characters to create yet another tale for this beloved cast from Toy Story!

6 inches tall, perfectly recreates scenes from the movies
Detailed exterior, professionally painted
Comes with its own logo tag and special platform

Stands Approximately 15cm tall
Manufacturer: Beast Kingdom
Product Code: DS-007


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