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Beast Kingdom presents a real treat for Disney fans and for those who love collecting! This series of detailed dioramas presents classic situations taken from classic films dedicated to the most beloved Disney princesses! Each diorama measures approximately 15cm tall, and is hand painted and finely detailed.

Disney Animation is always able to touch our hearts with brilliant stories and stunning images. Beast Kingdom is proud to take you back to the most beautiful and moving moments of these romantic stories through our Disney Princess Series, part of our D-select series of the Exquisite Scenes collection.

The deep blue sea hides a magnificent world, full of coral reefs and frolicking clownfish, with dancing seaweed and seahorses. But to Ariel, the heroine of The Little Mermaid, a life surrounded by this beautiful scenery is nothing but mundane. She is in the company of her good friends – the cute Flounder and the loyal Sebastian – and around her is her most beloved treasure, which is simply a collection of objects lost by humans. Hiding in the shadows is Ursula, the Sea Witch, just waiting for her moment to act. The 360-degree scene setting and the rich colors and meticulous way the statue is hand-painted and assembled manage to fully recreate the bright and colorful look of the bottom of the sea, and even capture the flowing movement of the seaweed and Ariel’s hair in the water. Forget the stereotypical image of mermaids that only lounge on rocks in the sun; here, in this wondrous world under the sea is where mermaids really live.


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