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Diorama Stage – Disney – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


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Product Code: DS013
Manufacturer: Beast Kingdom

Beast Kingdom presents a real treat for Disney fans and for those who love collecting! This series of detailed dioramas presents classic situations taken from classic films dedicated to the most beloved Disney princesses! Each diorama measures approximately 15cm tall, and is hand painted and finely detailed.

Disney Animation is always able to touch our hearts with brilliant stories and stunning images. Beast Kingdom is proud to take you back to the most beautiful and moving moments of these romantic stories through our Disney Princess Series, part of our D-select series of the Exquisite Scenes collection.

In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, we see two sides of the same apple – the Princess on the good side, and the Evil Queen on the bad side. This statue perfectly integrates the two sides of good and evil that are found in the fairytale. The characters, animals, and backgrounds have been arranged carefully, and the meticulous and detailed painting shows a scene with both right and wrong sides. The statue gives you the happy and dancing princess, as well as the dark and sinister Evil Queen and her loyal servant the Magic Mirror.


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