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Bizzaro am not join Kotobukiya’s ARTFX+ line (Next up in Kotobukiya’s lineup of ARTFX+ statues based on Super Heroes and Villains appearing in DC Comics is none other than Superman’s opposite, Bizzaro!)

Bizzaro look horrible (Bizarro looks better than ever in this beautiful and highly detailed sculpt by Ikkei Jitsukata)

Bizzaro am short and bad for display (Bizzaro stands 21 cm/8.3 inches tall in 1/10 scale, perfect for display)

Bizarro wear no uniform and not part of collection (Bizzaro wears his New 52 outfit, an altered version of Superman’s costume, and makes a great addition to Kotobukiya’s ARTFX+ lineup of DC Comics characters!)

Stands at 21 cm tall
Scale 1/10
Product Code: SV167
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya


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