DC Comics – Nano Metalfigs 20-pack wave 04


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1.65″ | Nano-DC Comics | (20-Pack Wave 4)
99403-Batman Figure (DC39
32640-Batman Figure (DC135)
32641-Batgirl Figure (DC136)
99408-Catwoman Figure (DC44)
99416-The Riddler Figure (DC63)
98672-Superman Figure (DC3)
32642-Superman Figure (DC137)
98803-Wonder Woman Figure (DC4)
98807-The Flash Figure (DC22)
32643-Green Lantern Figure (DC138)
32644-Black Canary Figure (DC139)
99858-The Atom Figure (DC97)
99411-Hawkman Figure (DC47)
32645-Mr.Freeze Figure (DC140)
99409-Poison Ivy Figure (DC45)
99417-Lobo Figure (DC64)
32646-Lex Luthor Figure (DC141)
99405-Bizarro Figure (DC41)
99853-General Zod Figure (DC94)
99414-Doomsday Figure (DC50)
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