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DC Comics – Nano Metalfigs 20-pack wave 02


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Manufacturer: Jada Toys
Product Code: JAD30120

1.65″ | Nano-DC Comics | (20-Pack-Wave 2)
99403-Batman Figure (DC39)
99404-Batman Figure (DC40)
99405-Bizarro Figure (DC41)
99406-Bat Girl Figure (DC42)
99410-Aquaman Figure (DC46)
98809-Parademon Figure (DC24)
30128-Superman Figure (DC100)
30129-Lex Luthor Figure (DC101)
30130-Robin Figure (DC102)
30131-Nightwing Figure (DC103)
30132-Deadshot Figure (DC104)
30133-Bane Figure (DC105)
30134-Doomsday Figure (DC106)
30135-Two Face Figure (DC107)
30136-Harley Quinn Figure (DC108)
30137-Poison Ivy Figure (DC109)
30138-Martian Manhunter Figure (DC110)
30139-Hawkman Figure (DC111)
30159-Catwoman Figure (DC112)
30160-Black Canary Figure (DC113)
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