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Batman – Catwoman on Bat-Signal Limited Edition 1/6th Scale Statue


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There’s a dark creature prowling the night in the city of Gotham.

No, not that brooding bat – we’re talking about Catwoman, the slinky thief with the acrobatic agility, flexible moral code and skintight catsuit (not that we noticed or anything).

Occasionally an ally of Batman but occasionally an adversary (it’s complicated), Catwoman always cuts a striking figure on the page or on the screen, and this statue sees her cheekily perched on the Bat-Signal high above the Gotham city streets.

It comes with two interchangeable heads – one wearing the character’s distinctive cat’s-eye goggles, one without – and those unmistakable Catwoman claws and, um, curves.

With the flick of a switch, the Bat-Signal Lights-up, emitting a warm Bat-light throughout your Batcave.

Get yours meow! Or even now.

(Batteries not supplied)

Limited Edition: 200 pieces

Scale 1/6
Manufacturer: Ikon Collectables
Product Code: IKO0943


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