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Batman: Arkham Knight – Azrael 6″ Action Figure


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Product Code: DCCAUG150317
Manufacturer: DC COMICS

Batman: Arkham Knight is the fourth and final instalment in the Arkham video game franchise. On Halloween night, Scarecrow threatens the city with his new fear toxin bombs planted throughout Gotham, forcing the immediate evacuation of the cities civilians. It is up to The Dark Knight to save Gotham again but he is going to have to go through the Arkham Knight first.

Azrael was once part of an initiative to create the ultimate crime fighter, however, it turned him into a criminal. Once he was captured by Batman he confessed his sins to a priest of the Order of Purity and was then recruited to fight evil as the crusader, Azrael. He believes he is a worthy candidate to replace Batman as the protector of Gotham.

This 6″ action figure is based on Azrael’s appearance in the video game, Batman: Arkham Knight. It features several points of articulation and comes with his Sword of Sorrows.


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