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2019 ECCC – Rick and Morty – Shirtless Jaguar Pop! Vinyl Figure (RS) #488 + Protector


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Manufacturer: Funko
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Here we have Jaguar, the immensely dangerous freedom fighter who we met in the classic episode ‘Pickle Rick’. He was assigned the task of killing Rick in exchange for the release of his daughter, however soon realises that teaming with the pickle was a far more optimal option.

Jaguar comes complete with shackles, as he is still being held captive by the Russian agency in their maximum security prison. Thankfully once you team him up with your Pickle Rick Pop! Vinyl, Jaguar shall be free forever, well, in his mind, since I’m not sure these little vinyl shackles are coming off anytime soon. At least he’ll be a bit of eye candy for your other Pop! Vinyl Figures. Add him to your collection today!

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