2019 ECCC – Captain Marvel (2019) – Korath in Starforce Suit Pop! Vinyl Figure (RS) #437 + Protector


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A Kree cybernatically enhanced warrior, Korath is one of the most dangerous and feared warriors in the universe. He would go on to work for Ronan the Accuser under the order of Thanos, with orders to locate the Orb. Why did Thanos want the Orb? Well it had the Power Stone of course!

However long before all of this took place, Korath was actually not such a bad guy (or so we think), as you’ll see in Marvel’s hit Captain Marvel film. Without giving too much away, Korath is actually teaming up with Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. It’s a strange twist that we can’t wait to see unfold!

Here we have a much younger-looking Korath, since Captain Marvel is set in the 90s. He’s wearing his Starforce suit and is armed with not only his blades, but also that epic goatee. Don’t miss out on adding Korath to your Marvel Funko collection!

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