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1:18 Schuco – 1963 VW Beetle – Red


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Scale: 1:18
Manufacturer: Schuco
Product Code: D450043300

In the course of its 65 years in production, the Volkswagen, developed in the 1830s by the Stuttgart design office, Porsche, under government contract, grew to be the most produced car in the world, overtaking the previous record holder, the Tin Lizzy Ford model T.

The most outstanding technical characteristics of the Beetle were its streamlined shape, revolutionary for its time, its air-cooled 4-cylinder boxer engine, its novel platform frame and its newly developed torsion bar suspension, which, over the years, underwent a continuous development and improvement process.

Documentation shows that, from 1948 to 1974, no less than 78,000 changes were made to the VW Beetle. So said the former Managing Director of the Volkswagen plant, Heinrich Nordhoff, in 1954 on the occasion of a VW Beetle meeting: “We are convinced that salvation lies not in new designs, however bold and magnificent they may, but in the thorough-going and never satisfied further development of even the smallest details to maturity and perfection, which indeed brings the really surprising success”.

This is also true for the completely newly developed, 1:18 scale metal model of the 1963 VW Beetle, which is captivating with its multitude of painstaking details, making this model an enrichment for every VW beetle and model car collection.


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