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1:18 ACME – 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda – Red/White(A1806121)


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Scale: 1:18
Manufacturer: ACME
Product Code: A1806121

Tim Wellborn is a well known car collector in the Mopar world, able to find some of the nicest and rarest Mopars out there. After aquiring this 1971 cuda they went thru the extensive paperwork and came acros the options sheet and were completely shocked at what they found. Listed between the red cap battery and Hemi power brake vacuum fitting option codes, was “V6W” White longitudinal sport stripes. So after adding some things up with the optioned Billboards, four-speed, black vinyl top and black interior makes this the only 1971 Hemi Cuda made! Instantly they knew this car was something very special. By the end of the 1971 market, just 62 cars had come with the four-speed transmission, and only one got the billboard side stripes in white. This was the one.


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