1:18 1971 Bathurst Winner Gold Livery – Ford XY Falcon Phase III GT-HO – Moffat


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Scale: 1:18
Manufacturer: Classic Carlectables
Product Code: 18766
Scheduled Production of 1000pcs

Expected Release Date: 2nd Quarter 2022

The 1971 Hardie-Ferodo 500 Race was one full of action between record breaking lap times and a crash that made Bill Brown almost as famous as winner, Allan Moffat.

After the qualifying round the Ford XY Falcon Phase III GT-HO proved it was the race car to beat. Allan Moffat and his XY was in a class of his own when he secured pole position with a time of 2m 38.9s that was 3 seconds faster than John French who also raced in a factory XY GT-HO Phase III. The weather for the Hardie-Ferodo 500 race had light wind and dust which proved great conditions the XY. Once Moffat gained the lead he didn’t let it go he held first place, not even a pesky cardboard box would make him give up his position for a pit stop to remove the box from his grille.

Moffat completed the Hardie-Ferodo 500 with 130 Laps, fastest lap of 2m 44s and was awarded first place finishing with a record time of 6h 09m 49.5s beating the 1969 record by 22 minutes. Classic Carlectables are proud to present a special Gold Livery Edition of the Ford XY Falcon Phase III GT-HO to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of its 1971 Bathurst victory.


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