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1:25 AMT – Royal Rail Model Kit(AMT630)


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Scale: 1:25
Skill Level: 2(ages 10 and up)
Manufacturer: AMT
Product Code: AMT630

First released in 1972, AMT’s zany Royal Rail show rod is back! It’s a wild ride for all the Kingdom’s Koolest Kats! Featuring an injected motor with “hear ye! trumpet” intakes, hyper-wide “gumball” slicks, super long chrome forks, this deluxe dragger can beat all the village wagons! Royal Rail’s “crowning achievement” is it’s cozy “fit for a king” interior, sporting a psychedelic “pop-bottle glass” rear window, “aristoKat pillow seat” and slick shifter, all “topped off” by a crazy deluxe cruisin’ crown!


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