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1:18 Ford XA Falcon GT Hard Top – Summer Gold


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Scale: 1:18
Manufacturer: Biante Model Cars
Product Code: A72725

The Australian arm of the Ford Motor Company has one of the world’s most enviable reputations for producing the unique ‘Australian’ brand of motor vehicle. Many punters would argue that the GTHO’s were the defining point of the Australian produced muscle car, but there are others who believe that the makings of Ford Australia becoming a truly unique local brand was the inception of the Ford XA Falcon.

Up until the 1970’s, Ford was still run with very close ties to Ford America, with many of the cars being designed with heavy American influences. The XA Falcon bucked this trend because it was a fully Australian designed model. This new car was introduced to the Australian public in 1972, and was a totally new shape and style in comparison to the previous XY Falcon.

Featuring a larger body and a longer list of options than what was previously available in the market, the XA was an entirely different beast. The introduction of the two-door hardtop XA was the first time that this body style was available in Australia on a Falcon since the XP was released in 1965. The longer, sleeker doors with frame-less windows were an unmistakable feature for this model and ensured that the XA was definitely a new breed of Falcon for the Australian consumer.

Powered by a 351 Cubic Inch 5.8 litre Cleveland V8 with gorgeous paint combinations, the XA 2 door Hardtop was certainly a desirable car for the motoring enthusiast of the time and was always destined for on track success.

This particular Summer Gold replica is another fantastic model produced by Autoart. As always it will be produced in die-cast with fully opening parts, high detail and beautiful finishing throughout. It also features some little points of difference compared to previously released XA GT Hardtop models in this scale including the iconic Globe Wheels and this model will feature the front spoiler only. If you’re a fan of the blue oval then this will be a great addition to your collection.


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