Wondering what are the most valuable diecast hot wheels? Well, you are in luck. This post gets to look at 10 hot diecast wheels that are worth a fortune. 

For diecast car collectors worldwide, owning a rare diecast piece(s) is a dream-come-true. This fact is especially true for collectors who collect diecasts with the intention of selling them later on. So why is this? Well, first of all, is pride. Collectors love to pride themselves in having or owning pieces that not many people have. Secondly, a good number of rare diecast pieces are worth a fortune making them perfect for a resell. It is with this that we’ve put together this diecast post. Below, you’ll find 10 diecast hot wheels that are worth a fortune.

Diamond Encrusted Diecast

Topping off our list of hot diecast wheels worth a fortune is this diamond encrusted piece. So what’s it worth? Well, this piece’s starting price is $140,000. There is a big reason why this diecast piece is this expensive and that is the fact that it is covered with diamonds. Yes, it is covered with real diamonds throughout. The diamond count on this particular piece is 2,700 diamonds. This number is perfectly spread on the wheel to cover just about every other inch. Key to note is that out of the 2,700 diamonds, 40 of them are white diamonds. This number represents the years in Hot Wheel’s legacy.

Look closer at this wheel and you’ll notice other expensive features with this diecast. For starters, it boasts a frame that is made out of 18-karat white gold. In addition, its interior boasts black diamonds throughout. This added design perfectly blends with its red ascents that include red brake rubies.

Rear Pink 1970’s Loading Beach Bomb

If you are unable to get your hands on a diamond-encrusted wheel there is always something else that could match it and in this case, it’s this Rear Pink 1970’s Loading Beach Bomb. So how much is it? Well, this Rear Pink 1970’s Loading Beach Bomb is worth between $80,000 and $125,000. Unlike the diamond-encrusted wheel, however, this diecast doesn’t boast such luxurious and expensive add-ons. With this in mind, a number of you are probably wondering why is this wheel so expensive?

Well, a big reason why this is so is the number of beach bombs made. To be exact, there are only two Rear Pink 1970’s Loading Beach Bomb made. Yes, only two rear pink wheels were made. With only two made you can tell just how rare this piece is. With this diecast, don’t make a mistake of confusing it with Pink Beach Bombs diecast with surfboards hanging on the side.

Over Chrome Camaro (1968)

Estimated to be worth over $25,000, this Over Chrome Camaro 1968 diecast is a must-have for any collector. In addition to being worth a fortune, this diecast is very unique. In fact, only 20 of them are known to have been made. Fun fact about this 1968 Over Chrome Camaro, is that it was initially a holiday decoration. Furthermore, the makers ensured that they marketed it that way.

With 1968 Over Chrome Camaro it is important to fight the urge to make adjustments. Why is this? Well, making changes to it can drastically reduce its value. This in mind, it is important that you leave it as it is.   

1969 Mad Maverick

If you are after a diecast wheel that is abundant in distribution right now then that’ll be this Mad Maverick. There are a few points that you should know about this particular wheel. For starters, this 1969 diecast wheel is based on the Mighty Maverick. Secondly, there was a bit of confusion with its name in the beginning. As a result of this confusion, the makers quickly took off the initial name on the wheel’s chrome base plate.

However, a few pieces had already hit the market. What this means is that some people already had this diecast wheel with the “Mad Maverick” label on the chrome base plate. By getting your hands on one, you’ll join this list of collectors with this unique wheel. In terms of worth, this wheel currently in the market is above $15,000.

Brown 1969 Custom Charger

There are a couple of things going for this diecast wheel. One, it is very rare, extremely rare. In fact, its rarity resulted in some believing that it is (was) a prototype. Secondly, it is unique in its own right. Lastly (and most importantly) is the fact that it symbolises the golden age of the muscle car era. With all these three in place, the worth of this diecast wheel increases drastically. Currently, this wheel is worth $13,000.

If you manage to get your hands on one and plan to sell it, consider holding on to it a bit longer. Why? Well, its price it’s sure to rise as the years go by.    

1968 Python Body Cheetah Base Diecast

With a python inspired design, this Python Body Cheetah Base Diecast is an ideal addition to any collection. Even better is the fact that it is worth a fortune. Currently, this Python Body Cheetah Base Diecast is worth over $10,000. With its price set to increase, it makes for a perfect collection.

Just in case you needed more convincing as to why this wheel is a must-have, do factor in availability. This Python Body Cheetah Base Diecast is very rare. In fact, it wasn’t ever released. Yes, this wheel was never released. People managed to get their hands on them after some units escaped the production facility.

1973 Blue Dodger Rodger

If you are familiar with Larry Wood you’ve definitely come across one or two of his work. If you’ve seen his work then you know how valuable and precious they are. One such work is this 1973 Blue Dodger Rodger diecast wheel.

Currently, this wheel is worth $8,000 in the market. There are a couple of things that contribute to this price, for instance, it’s rare. Only 7 of them are available today. In fact, finding one of them has been difficult since its release back in the 1970s.

Brown (1969) 31 Woody

With this Brown (1969) 31 Woody wheel, expect to recognise its allure straight up. Similar to the other diecasts featured in this post, this wheel is rare and unique. How rare is this particular piece? Well, there are only 12 of them. Furthermore, a number of these 12 made were prototypes. Having said all that, a question many have as at now is how much does it cost. In other words, is it worth a fortune? Well, this diecast wheel is worth $8,000.

1968 – 1977 Purple Odds

With an estimated worth of between $1,000 and $7,000, this Purple Odds wheel is a perfect addition to any collection. Even better is the fact that it is worth a fortune for any collector who happens to own one. When making a purchase, do note that this wheel comes in multiple colours. However, try to go for ones that purple. Not only are they extra rare but they are better looking if you compare it to the rest.

SpectraFlame Purple Bye Focal Diecast (1971)

Another rare piece that’s a must feature in any diecast post about wheels worth a fortune is SpectraFlame Purple Bye Focal. Currently, this wheel is worth $6,000. If you were to add it to your collection, you might end up ripping big from it in a couple of years.

There are a few things you should note about this wheel. For starters, you need to get the right colour before making a purchase. Fail to do this and you’ll end up throwing away your $6,000. Secondly, you need to worry about maintaining it. A SpectraFlame Purple Bye Focal comes with a “crumbling” toy car chassis and this makes it hard to care for. However, it is something that you should be able to do if you commit to it.

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