Are you a Diecast car collector or simply want to be one? Want to know how you can better collect them? Here are our go-to tips for collecting Diecast model cars that are perfect for both beginners and seasoned pros. 

If you have a passion for everything cars, chances are that you are mad about diecasts. And if you are mad about everything diecasts already you are aware of the fact that they are more than just toys. Diecast cars are pieces of art. In particular, pieces of art that perfectly highlights/showcase mechanical and historical innovations of original vehicles. It is with this that many choose to collect these cars. However, not many are able to do it properly. That said, I’ll be sharing with you today go-to tips that’ll help you perfect the art of being a diecast collector. Read on for our handy tips!

Starting Your Diecast Model Cars Collection

With collecting diecast model cars it is important to know the type of collector you are. In other words, what will you be collecting? Luckily for you, this is the easiest part of being a collector. Why so you ask? Well, there are no rules with this. In fact, it all comes down to your own personal preference.

Your preference can be on a number of diecasts makes, it can be on trains, trucks, sports cars or just normal cars. You can even go wild with your preference by settling for military machines and coaches. Just make sure you start your collection the right way knowing what you want.

Diecasts Type

Now that you know the diecast model cars you want to collect, it is important to settle on the type. With type, there are three things you want to focus on. These three are;

Brand – Factoring in the brand when settling on the diecast model cars you’ll collect is very important. This is so due to the fact that there are a number of different brands offering diecast cars. For your case, you can opt to settle for supercars like McLarens or even Porsche. You can even settle on having only Dinky toys, your choices are endless.   

Size – This is another important part of model cars. As a collector, it is important that you know different diecast cars sizes. Popular sizes are usually on Dinky Toys. Most of them are sized 1:12, 1:36 and 1:42.  

Period – Equally as important is the time period of the diecast you want to collect. Are you after diecast cars made in the 1950s or even 1980s? Once you’ve settled on this you can go on and embark on your collectors’ journey. You can even settle on collecting diecast model cars from one specific time period like let’s say the 1970s.

Storing Diecast Model Cars

Storage is very important for anyone who wants to be a collector. You might be perfect at picking an ideal model car but if you can’t store them properly you’ll end up not having a collection altogether. That said, a number of collectors opt to store their collection in display cases.

This is an ideal way of showcasing diecasts while at the same time ensuring that they are not in any danger. For this to happen however the case ought to be properly made. Furthermore, it is important that you dust your diecast model cars from time to time.

While the casing will protect them from dust, they might build up with time. Ensuring you dust them regularly helps ensure they are free from dust at all times. In addition, you should look into waxing your diecast models. A single proper coating should do the trick for your model cars.  

While still on matters displaying casing, do keep in mind two things. These two are surrounding and the display case type. For surrounding go for a place that is positioned nicely and receives lots of natural lighting. Also, look into the décor surrounding your casing as it’ll affect the general look of your display. For case type, will you custom-built one to better suit your taste or will you use a prefabricated one? Get to know answers to this before settling on a display case.

To Open Or Not To Open

Another decision you’ll be faced with as a collector is whether to open or not open your diecast packaging casing. So what should you do? Should you open or should you not open your diecast model cars packaging casing?

All diecast model cars come inside a nice packaging. Despite the packaging being nice, however, some like to remove them from their casing.  A big reason why this is so is staging. You’ll find that some collectors like to have full controlling of staging in their casing. This they believe will only happen when the diecasts are of their packaging. While this is something that you can easily adapt as well, it is not ideally recommended. This is more so true if you are looking to sell your (or some) collection later on.

Why is this so? Well, with diecast models there are bound to appreciate with time (depending on the ones you purchase). When they appreciate, they are likely to be of great value if still in their original packaging. If it’s a must that you open one, I’d advise you get duplicates. This way you’ll be able to open one while leaving the other the way it is.

Where To Start

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