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If you’ve been saving up in 2018 to add to your funko pop vinyl figures collection come 2019 then you’ve come to the right place.

Pop vinyl collectors today face one big challenge when it comes to matters collecting funko figures. To be specific, the biggest challenge collectors face is getting their hands on highly sought after pop vinyl. To help with their search of these pieces, many collectors turn to the internet. This process usually sees them spend countless hours searching for a variety of sought after pieces. Despite this, however, you can be able to strike gold with your search if you do it right.

Do it wrong on the other hand and you might just end up wasting your time given you won’t get one. Even if you do happen to get a piece or two, chances are high that they’ll miss out on quality funko figures if you do it wrong. It is with this that we’ve opted to share with you this post. With it, we hope we’ll make the process of searching for this sought after figures easier for you. That said, below you’ll find 7 must-have funko pop vinyl figures for your collection;

  • Loki (Avengers)
  • White Walker (Glow-In-The-Dark)
  • Green Arrow
  • Phoenix
  • Red Skull
  • Indiana Jones (The Movie)
  • Zombie Merle Dixon

Loki Pop Vinyl (Avengers)

Top on our list is of must-have pop vinyls this year for any collector is the Loki funko figure or The Avengers. Fun fact, this particular piece is actually a tribute to the Avengers family. To be exact, it marks the time The Avengers family reuniting on-screen in 2012. This Loki piece was not the only one created in recognition of the family reunion. There are other figures that deserve a mention. They include Thor, Captain America and Iron Man.

Why is the Loki funko figure highly sought after? For starters, it is very hard to come by if you were to compare them with the other three pieces. Furthermore, it is bound to complete your Avengers collection set (if you have one of course). Even better, you can pride yourself in having a funko figure of the best Marvel villain to grace the screens. Yes, I said it Loki is the best Marvel villain on the screens right now. Tom Hiddleston perfectly portrayed Loki by infusing his complexity to give the character a nice flare. The Loki funko Figure should set you back around $950 and $1100.   

White Walker (Glow-In-The-Dark)

A fan favourite with just about each and every collector, this White Walker funko figure makes for a perfect addition to any collection. If you are an avid fan of Game of Thrones, then this piece is sure to look very familiar to you. In case you are wondering why it is because this piece is modelled after the famous White Walkers in Game of Thrones. White Walkers in the series basically represent pure evil. I would go as far as referring to them as the face of pure evil. This is something you’ll definitely note with this pop vinyl figure.   

What’s special about this particular funko figure is the fact that it can light up in the dark. Yes, put it somewhere dark and it is sure to glow. In fact, this is where the glow-in-the-dark name comes from. If you are a true Game of Thrones fan you are sure to appreciate the little glow in the dark detail. Why? the White Walkers in the series did glow, in fact, this little detail made them even creepier.

Green Arrow Pop Vinyl

Despite its late popularity, this particular funko figure had its own first figure created in 2011. Back then, this piece was created together with other highly sought after figures. These figures included the likes of Shazam, Two-Face and Hawkman and Manhunter. What’s interesting about this particular piece is that it became popular once the series Arrow aired on TV. Once the series was aired on the CW Network, it received great response/feedback from viewers. This ultimately made it an instant hit with many countrywide. Ultimately, this led to an increase in interest of the Green Arrow figure.   

One of the main reasons why this piece is increasingly becoming a must-have is its scarcity. In terms of numbers, there are not many Green Arrow figures out there. In fact, at the time of its creation, it was the only release that was made. This resulted in it being in just about every DC fan hunt list. Fast forward some years later and the enthusiasm hasn’t changed. It still remains highly sought after. In terms of price, a typical Green Arrow figure will cost you around $300 to $3500.


If there is something I liked about funko pop vinyl figures before they became popular is the ease of getting highly sought after pieces. Interesting though is that even during that time, a Phoenix figure was really hard to get. This was due to it being only exclusive to Seattle’s Emerald City Comicon back in 2013. Furthermore, it was released when there were not that many Marvel funkos. This ended up increasing collector’s interest in them as well its demand.

Furthermore, it represents a popular X-Men character loved by just about everyone. What all this resulted to is the Phoenix figure being a very highly sought after pop vinyls. To date, it still remains as such with many collectors keen on having it in their collection. In terms of price, the Phoenix pop vinyl figure costs around $300 and $400.        

Red Skull

The Red Skull is a very popular Marvel pop vinyl figure. This piece first came to light back in 2011, a year viewed as the Golden Age of funko figures. Many believe that this funko figure was released to tie-in with that of Captain America. While it is yet to be confirmed, it is good to note that the Red Skull funko figure hasn’t been advertised as such. Like the other pop vinyl figures already listed on this post, the Red Skull figure was popularized by the movie.

Also here, an interest and popularity of the movie resulted in an increase in demand of this piece. Given that it was the only Red Skull figure to be released based on this movie, fans worldwide went for it. This, in turn, has resulted in it being a highly sought after piece till now. Price wise, this figure costs starts from $300 all the way to $350.

Indiana Jones

When it comes to iconic characters in Hollywood, Indiana Jones is up there with the best. In terms of character, he is arguably everyone’s favourite teacher slash archaeologist. Taking this two into consideration, it is no surprise that this pop vinyl is highly sought after. To add to its high demand is the fact that the first Indiana Jones funko figure was released in 2016.

Its demand was further increased by the fact that the only collectors who got their hands on this funko figure were those in attendance. Yes, only the people who attended the convention received the Indiana Jones figure. So you can see why till to date it remains a highly sought after piece. If you are thinking of getting your hands on this particular pop vinyl figure, be ready to spend between $200 and $230.       

Zombie Merle Dixon

If there is one show that has gained tremendous popularity over the years is the Walking Dead. With seven seasons under its belt, this television show has reached new levels of popularity. With such a huge a fan base, there are bound to be one or two pop vinyls about its characters in the market. One particular piece based on this show that’s attracted many eyes is the Zombie Merle Dixon figure. There are several reasons why this piece comes out as a must-have for any collection. For starters, unlike other Walking Dead funko figures, this particular figure is very rare.

In other words, they are very hard to come by in the market or even online. In terms of release date, this figure was introduced to the market in 2013. Given that it’s a rare piece to come across, it’s advised to get your hands on one if such an opportunity presents itself. Sadly, though, not many owners are willing to part ways with their figures. If they do though, expect to make payments ranging from $150 to $200 in order to get one.

Seen a funko figure that you like? Do you have a few must-have funko that we’ve missed on this list? Well, let us know all about it in the comment section below. If you would like to get in touch with Kollectable Kaos, do contact us (08) 8262 8234. You can as well email us at